The Knights of the Order of the Command Line have dispersed over the world. Some Faithful Ones have stayed true to their principles; some have deserted their calling and joined the Way of the Windows.

It pains me to have to say that even Grand Cursor Freek is an Apostate nowadays, and that he is known to us now by the name of the Darth Cursor. I do however rejoice in the Knowledge that many Knights, amongst whom Sir Philippe Cara, Meritorious Sir Johan Fabry, Meritorious Sir Werner van Belle, Sir Jurgen van Ham, and Meritorious Sir Hans van Ingelgom still firmly renounce the more Seductive Way. Men like these are our hope in these less chivalrous days.

Alas, times have changed, and the Order is no more. No Knights have embarked on truly Great Quests since the memorable days of the Macrilege. So as the last of the Grand Cursors, and as the Faithful Keeper of the Web Site, I leave you now with our solemn ceremonial greeting, established by Sir Christian Daems of the Brussels Chapter: Chmod !

Grand Cursor Dirk van Deun

*C*harter of the *O*rder of the *K*nights of the *C*ommand *L*ine

*W*e, the Knights of the Order of the Command Line, hold the following Truths to be self-evident:

The Founders of the Order (also known as the Cursors),
Grand Cursor Dirk van Deun and Grand Cursor Freek Brysse.